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How do I change MySql timezone in cPanel?

Change TimeZone for MySQL Server
  1. Login to root via SSH where MySQL Server is hosted.
  2. Run this command in terminal and enter password when prompts.
  3. Check data for server using date command.
  4. Check MySQL Server Time using following command.

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In this way, how do I change my timezone in cPanel?

To set the correct time zone, use the following procedure:Go to "Server Configuration" Section. Click on "Server Time". Select the appropriate timezone. Click on the "Change TimeZone" button.

Similarly, how do I change the default time zone in MySQL? You can set the system time zone for MySQL Server at startup with the --timezone= timezone_name option to mysqld_safe. You can also set it by setting the TZ environment variable before you start mysqld. The permissible values for --timezone or TZ are system dependent.

Herein, how do I check my timezone in cPanel?

cPanel Server Time

  1. Login to WHM, which is normally accessible by adding /whm to your server hostname.
  2. Click on Server Configuration in the left hand menu, followed by the Server Time icon in the main window, or the Server Time link in the left hand submenu.
  3. Select your preferred timezone, then click on the Change TimeZone button.

How do I change the timezone in Godaddy cPanel?

You can customize the date and time preferences of your Workspace Email through the Settings menu.

  1. From the Settings menu, click Display Settings.
  2. Go to the Time tab.
  3. From the Time Zone list, select your time zone.
  4. From the Numeric Date Format list, select the format you want dates to display as.
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