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What does New York symbolize in The Great Gatsby?

New York City is symbolic of immorality and carelessness. Indeed, in the 1920's NYC was exactly what it symbolizes in Fitzgerald's book. When they are in the city, the actions of the characters are executed without any consideration of consequences.

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Just so, why is New York Important In The Great Gatsby?

Fitzgerald lived in Manhattan, so he knew it intimately. It's unsurprising, therefore, that Fitzgerald used New York as the setting for his first three novels and for many of his stories. Fitzgerald crafted his New York Gatsby scenes with detail and eloquence. Here are the locations of some of his most famous scenes!

Similarly, what does the Midwest symbolize in The Great Gatsby? Expert Answers infoThe Midwest represents normalcy and traditionalism to Nick as opposed to the decadence, immorality and a "quality of distortion" he finds in the East. He writes near the end of the novel at some length of "vivid" winter memories of the Midwest.

Herein, what happens in New York City in The Great Gatsby?

The action of The Great Gatsby takes place along a corridor stretching from New York City to the suburbs known as West and East Egg. Whereas the valley of ashes is a place of evident poverty, both the city and the two suburbs represent bastions of affluence.

What does the hotel in New York symbolize in The Great Gatsby?

The Plaza Hotel is in downtown Manhattan. It is a grand, elite hotel, and as such, it is Tom Buchanan's turf, symbolizing the suffocating existence life with Tom offers. It is Tom's world.

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